Moss Wall

Logo, Branding, Stationary

The moss wall was created as part of an initiative by Dublin City Council called Beta Projects. The idea was to test the use of moss to create public art walls which could enhance and involve the local area.

My design won a competition run by Beta to create a piece to go up on the initial test wall. The design references the nearby fruit markets a big feature in the locality, the words grow and culture also reference the medium of moss. The frames below the writing are intended to be representative of local culture with invited or entheusiastic locals being the ones to fill them with their own local culture.

The work was installed in November 2013 on Little Mary St. in Dublin City, with the help of a small group of volunteers. Many of the photos below we're taken by Eoghan Riordan of Sequoia Design who was also instrumental in the installation of the piece and in sourcing and testing of the moss.