About Me


I'm a designer from Dublin Ireland. I have a BSc. in Product Design from Dublin Institute of Technology and MFA in Design from NCAD. I've worked as a graphic designer, Industrial Designer, Architectural Model-Maker, 3D-Modeller, technician, and lecturer. Among other pursuits I'm currently teaching in the Architecture workshop in UCD.

I enjoy working on projects with a sense of humor. My main influences are surrealist art, zen buddhism, quantum physics, Scandinavia, absurdism, and folk tales. I have itchy fingers and so enjoy working with my hands, preferably sitting on the floor or if luck would have it in a nice rocking chair.

If you'd like to contact me you can find many ways to do so here
me Despite the rumours of my deranged nemeses I am rather approachable, have very good hygiene and can usually be found on the planet known locally as Earth.

If you'd like to email me the address is himself@johnoshea.ie

I can also ocasionally be found on twitter @legologic

Known to blog, most often at Prototypical and less often at Rockstream

And for those in search of clarity or bewilderment I'm on linkedin at linkedin.com/in/johnosheaie/

All correspondence is very welcome. If you'd like to write me a letter I'd really appreciate that but lets get to know eachother first.